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If there is one thing that is common among men today, is that they have been giving themselves hand jobs ever since they were fresh boys. Immediately they started feeling the urge for sex, the natural thing was to use their hands to wank themselves off. This, therefore, means that for a woman to be able to get a guy off through a hand job, she has to be an expert. This is because the man is always going to be judging how she does it compared to how he does it himself. For men, finding women who give a good hand job does not happen every day. Most times men are disappointed with the hand jobs they receive from the women only they are not bold enough to say it. But then if you can find a porn site where you find women making men spurt in disorder, it is a better way to help yourself through a hand job. There are many such sites around but you just have to love the content at tugpass. TugPass is a paid porn network that has many advantages when it comes to a porn lover finding the right sites. Through tugpass, you get access to nine porn sites all of these for the price of one. Once you are registered member at tugpass, you get a megapass to sites like Teentugs, over40handjobs, bustydirect and a lot more. These women love cock and they are excited when they manage to milk a man in very few seconds. For those who love boobs and love when they are big, bustydirect presents to you videos containing models with some of the biggest boobs. You will love the way these big boobs hang out as the ladies give handjobs that leave men squirting. For you to be able to enjoy all these contents, you have to join the site as a member. Once you have created an account and made the payment, you will be redirected to the main homepage where you can select sites to watch videos from. As you use your personal details on Tug Pass, you don’t have to worry about your security. This is assured with the latest security software that ensures that you data cannot be compromised and that your activities on the site remain discrete.

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Design & Layout

As you land on the homepage of tugpass. The first impression you get is that there is a lot going on. There are pictures of the latest videos updates on the different sites with pictures from some very provocative scenes. As a visitor, you find that TugPass is arranged in pages and you can take a tour by clicking on the different pages. The free tour presents the visitor with hundreds of pictures from some of the videos on the site. Your eye will also be drawn to the menu at the top and you quickly notice that while there is a tab for models, there is no tab for videos. The model page allows models to be sorted by their names. You will have to click on the sites tab that allows you access to the different sites included in the megapass to get to the individual websites. The models are arranged according to their names and age group on different pages. Given the number of models on the site, you have to click on different page numbers to find the different models. However, if you know the name of the model, you can click on the first letter of their name to find them. For added functionality, a search box is included on the site. It is found at the top right-hand corner. You can find content on Tug Pass by typing keywords into the search box. Best of all, the site can be used on mobile devices and even the PlayStation. This means you can take it with you wherever you go.

Models & Vids

There are over 100 models found on TugPass and all of them are amateurs like your everyday girlfriend. They are very diverse given that they feature on websites with slightly different niches. Some are cute with perky boobs while others are curvy with rounded big butts and big boobs. Their age ranges are very wide with some as fresh as 20 years old and others as old as 60 years old. Although these models may differ in body shape and in age, they do have something in common; they know how to use their hands and mouth to get cocks spitting juice. Some of them are mean they will massage cock and refuse to let the guys cum. On this site, you will find some very high-quality videos shot exclusively for the site. The videos come in different formats with some shot in HD and others in Mp4. The HD and mp4 formats can be downloaded while to watch directly online, the flash format is used. Till date there are above 1200 videos loaded on the site. Most of these videos have photosets associated with them. Members can have access to the over 1300 photo sets and are allowed to download them as zip folders. As a member, you have the right to download as many videos as space on your device can allow.

Long Story Short

Although men are used to giving themselves handjobs, sometimes, it is just better to sit back and let a woman do it. If getting a physical woman is a problem, you can count on the models at tugpass to help you. TugPass helps you live some of your wildest fantasies on handjobs through their exclusive high-quality content. This is one megapass site that delivers as promised so you won’t be disappointed if you choose to join.

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