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When it comes to adult entertainment and pornography, people frown, or they turn red in shame because they know what is it, and though they deny, they watch or had been watching it. Sometimes it even turns out that they had been in porn actually. Our merry team of the adult site and movies reviewers is in quite a delicate situation when it comes to talking about our jobs. What should we tell them? “Yeah, we watch porn sites and porn scenes all day, and write about them”. This looks silly indeed. Nonetheless, though there are folks who don’t understand this, we are actually glad we are working in this area.

Our Team

Why? First and foremost, because we appreciate porn. This is an old and interesting area, and though nowadays it works more like a factory, there are still beautiful women, and artfully done videos released here and there, now and then. We also like beauty: straight male members of our team like the hot chicks working in this area, while the girls are always looking for handsome lads (though that’s quite hard to find in porn – and we all know they are measuring those cocks to their man’s cock in their head). There are gay reviewers here too, they are luckier because it seems that most gay porn actors are quite handsome, and twinks and jocks or bears all look great. Of course, there are few among us who are totally crazy for lesbian sex, and hot lesbians, they share the opinion of million like-minded guys: the more pussy and boobs are on the screen, the better the experience is.

One of the many reasons we are doing this is You, in fact. We share our findings, opinions, and reviews with you, so you don’t have to go through the process of experimenting with different adult websites. On our website, you can find thorough reviews of adult pay sites, and so you don’t have to be afraid of losing money on them. Your happiness is our happiness, and if you are satisfied, we are satisfied too. When you are looking for good porn, you can use our website to find it. We highlight the most recent and hot updates, and we also constantly on the look for great deals. This is because we know that money always matters, and when it comes to porn, people don’t like to spend. So, in order to get you the best, we are bombing the providers for offers, and we usually manage to squeeze some good discounts (sometimes life-time discounts) for you. The bigger is the discount, the sweeter is the deal.

Our Evaluation Criteria

We have encountered bad sites too. If you are wondering what a bad site is, here are the main attributes:

  • they don’t have easily locatable contact information
  • they don’t offer previews at all (some fake-looking, over-brushed photos are posted only)
  • their trials are strongly limited
  • you have to uncheck several pre-checked offers during registration
  • if you contact them, they don’t answer
  • hard to depict the background information

their sites look cheap.So, when you are looking at sites which have the above mentioned attributes, you should turn around and leave. However, since it’s or job, we have reviewed many such sites, so we actually have them listed on our site. If you find a website that seems to be a bad or fake one, check if it’s on our list. If it is, then forget it. In case it’s not listed, but you are still unsure, you should send a message to use here, and we will take a look for you!

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