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The last time I watched Japanese porn, my eyes were all strained and I was left with a frustrated cock. I could never have imagined that porn could be this bad. As far as I was concerned, any porn is good for it will help get you really hard. I was to be proven wrong when I watched the Japanese porn. There was a lot of pixel blocking and I struggled each time to get my eyes to get use to the pixels on the screen and the blurring. Although the girl that was getting banged was screaming at the top of her voice as if she had the biggest cock in her, I could not see that cock and I was totally frustrated. Of what use is porn to me if I can manage to see how the cock interlocks with the pussy and moves in and out? So, when I heard my friends chattering about one Japanese site they had come across, I was definitely not interest. However one of my friend succeeded to get me interested immediately they said this one carried uncensored content.

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I asked the name of the site and was told it was nipponhd. Truth be told, I love Asian porn. I love Asian porn because I love the fact that most of the Asian models are cute and very active when it comes to riding cocks. However, what really turned me away from such sites were the censored images. Who want to spend time that was meant to get them to jerk off wondering whether that was a pussy they saw or not. Definitely not me and so that is how I managed to stay away from Asian porn. Today however I am here writing a review for an Asian porn site; what irony! That is because I am totally impressed by the experience I had on nipponhd.

Nipponhd is a Japanese site that features some top Japanese models as well as amateurs. The models are mostly fresh but have been around for a while. This site design was just so classy and a bit flashy but it was very attractive too. The fact that all the pictures were high resolution was definitely an added boost. And best of all you get a site that is available in hd and that is the truth, all content is in hd but the site still manages to load ok even on a slow internet connection. I took a quick tour through the site and noticed a few interesting pictures; there was this picture with a girl with creamy foamy white substance, there was another picture of a horny girl trying to get two dicks at once. I made a mental note to come back to those once I had registered as a member. Right now, I needed to get to the signup page to become a member.

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Design & Layout

The design of nipponhd is flashy and catches the eye easily. However, it doesn’t have as many tools and featured as some other sites. Nevertheless, browsing is made easy even with the limited number of tools available. The site is mostly about getting you to register as a member, so don’t be surprised when you find that the most prominent tab on the home page is the sign up tab that appears in places around the content area. Around the sign up tab is highlighted some of the benefits that come with being a member on the site.

Meanwhile the numerous thumbnails which are links to latest updated videos or videos on the site can be used to reach the homepage of a video. As a visitor, do not expect to see much on this site. You can watch the welcome video that is on the homepage. Anything more than that, you will have to become a member. As a member you will not only enjoy what is happening on nipponhd. You will gain access to sites like; bang a freshie, cougars and freshies, comptonbooty and facial18.

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Models & Vids

The models on this site are a mix of professionals and amateurs. You will find quite a few popular faces in Japanese Porn. Then there are some faces that have been on the site for a while with some fresh faces that just recently joined. The girls are all very slim with the beautiful Asian facial features. Most have tinted their hair a different colour from the typical black colour of Asian hair. Generally the models have perky boob with a limited few being busty. You will notice that most of the girls on the site keep a hairy bush something that is very common on most Asian porn sites.

On the site the girls appear mostly nude or semi nude in their profile picture. Some models on the site include Yui Komine, Myu Tsubaski and Riku Shina. Some of the videos on the site include; “hairy girl gets all shaved by her girlfriend” and “double dick hottie gets a creampie”. In Double dick hottie gets a creampie”, Mai Misuzawa gets a field day as male models Makoto Hama and Nobukazo all dole over her.

They are hot for her as she takes each of their cocks into her mouth and plays with it. She tickles their dicks and wanks them until they come and give her a creampie to remember. There are over 300 videos of such hot action on this site. Everyday new content is still added meaning that the site is refreshed every day. These videos that are available in hd are of very good quality and the content is interesting enough to keep even someone like me with a prejudice for Asian porn happy.

Long Story Short

It is true that I have had my bad days with Asian porn but from the looks of things, nipponhd has come to stop this bad spell. I can now comfortably tell others that Asian porn is good and I know a site where they can get the best.

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