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The next time you are on the web looking for a site that features really good porn stars giving blowjobs and getting fucked like crazy, try visiting licensetoblow by Catalina Cruz. Catalina is a model and pornstar who has been in the industry for quite a while. She has learnt a few tricks along the way and today is able to give lessons to ladies on how to give a man the perfect blowjob. Given that not all women can manage to take in huge cocks in their mouth, it is a delight to watch as Catalina teach them techniques that allow them to take even the biggest cock all right in. whether you are in need of learning how to give a blowjob or you just want to get off by watching the moves of these ladies, you are going to find this site very useful. As a member of the site, you get bonus access to some 25 xxx sites with quality content. Once you are on licensetoblow , you are going to love the display of girls sucking cock or girls taking cock in their pussy. The many photos on the site are enough to tell any visitor what they will be getting once they get full access. Note that while the site is termed licensed to blow, it has more than blowjob content. There is content in almost every niche of hardcore porn. Those who will love to take lessons in blowjobs are going to love her Catalina gives her lessons by using a lot of practice. Catalina will teach you the right way to hold a cock when you want to give a blowjob. She will let you join on all the insider techniques on giving blowjobs that are only available to top rated pornstars. Then for those who are watching so they can be entertained, they are going to be coming in streams as they watch the students become teachers in blowjob and get their license to blow. For all the content that is on this site, you can only access the site if you are a member. That means that you have to click on the join tab. You can create an account by choosing a username and a password. Then you can choose a payment method and membership plan.

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Design & Layout

Licensetoblow has a great website that is straight to the point. Right from the home page, you can get an idea of what to expect on the site as a visitor, you are allowed a free tour which includes browsing through more than twenty pages which contain pictures and their summary description. There are also previews available for visitors but these last no more than a minute. This site has videos and photos on different pages. Clicking on the LBT photos tab takes you to the pornstar gallery that features some very vivid images. In this gallery, you will find high-resolution pictures of cock meeting pussy and ladies swallowing cock. On the models page, you can sort the models using the drop down menu. You can also sort them by names or if necessary, you can use the search box. The video page has videos arranged in different pages. The videos are arranged into categories some of which include; stocking, high heels, nylons, cum catcher, deepthroats and natural breast. On the site, you can get to know more about the site’s promoter Catalina Cruz by following her on twitter. Another place where you can get up close and personal with Catalina and the girls is on her blog.

Models & Vids

The models on this site are professionals and most of them have been around awhile. The site features some pretty models most of whom are curvy with breast and ass that will make a man’s head spin. They range from brunettes, blondes and redheads. They are featured in the videos and photo shoots wearing very sexy lingerie or clothes. Most times, the dresses they wear are so suggestive as they tend to leave some erotic part of the body exposed. You will find them in the photo shoots either nude or semi-nude. Most times they are having a cock in their hand, in their mouth or in their pussy. There are over 280 models on this site but a model that immediately stands out is Alexis Silver. Alexis is beautiful and she charms you instantly with her beautiful eyes. She features in a video “Busty black girl Alexis Silver threesome”. In this video, Alexis is working hard on the cock of two guys. As she takes one cock in her mouth she wanks the other cock in her hand. By the end of the video, she has succeeded to suck the guys to a frenzy they can only cum all over her face. One aspect that is going to attract visitors to licensetoblow and keep them coming back is the content. The qualities of the videos are superb and all some are available in High definition. On this site, you will get to stream videos. There are photosets that can be downloaded most of containing high-resolution pictures. There is currently a minimum of 400 videos on the site which can be streamed by members. If you are hoping to meet the models on live cam, you will have to make sure you are a member. Livecam allows members to get up close and personal with the different models.

Long Story Short

On licensetoblow, you are going to learn how to give the perfect blowjob if you are a girl. If you are a boy, you are going to enjoy sitting back and watch the ladies get dirty and naughty taking big cocks in their mouth and swallowing cum. Is this site a good site to join? Yes, it is and it would be hard to hate what comes with your membership.

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