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The award-winning Female dominating movie site features content from world renowned independent women that subject men under their control; FemmeFataleFilms offers the fresh context of the pornography as it tries to change the way society sees gender equality. In the set, women are seen to be in control of the men that biologically believed to be in charge, they are seen putting the men under their control and also give pleasure the women in certain ways that may seem demeaning. The context is really novel and the true girls run the world. Other scenes ladies are seen thrusting into the men with sex toys, and other scenes look fetish as the costume seems quite gothic. Femme Fatale Films is 100% professional as the content on the site are not the work of amateurs, rather professionals curate the content found on the website. FemmeFataleFilms if 100% high definition HD and the quality is world class. It features no annoying ads or newsletter sign up. The site which doesn’t feature pop-ups and other forms of unnecessary ads, keeps the site environment neat and highly friendly. Members of this FemDom (Female dominance) site have a lot to enjoy as in content which includes; 10,000 minutes of high definition femdom movies, over 12,000 hD photos. Unrestricted downloadable videos of 2000 and over movie clips and over 60 different female dominas and new entries featured regularly. More video clips access all through the year, and highly mobile responsive videos. There are several FemDom affiliated websites associated with FemmeFataleFilms, with similar contents for her loyal guest, the site is updated frequently and each updates features new entries of Dominas and content. Femme Fatale Films an award winning site in the FemDom industry, and also it has an elaborate page where members and visitors comment and give feedback about the website.

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Design & Layout

FemmeFataleFilms is an exquisite piece of art, both in terms of functionality and in design. With so many videos on the website as well and pictures, the site can handle the processes involved without slowing down the speed to which it responses to command. The framework of the payment system, as well as the page layout and structure, the effort put in by the team really, is commendable. All the content on the website is well arranged, in such a way you can access the most content of choice that a user maybe looking for at a particular time. The effort put in by the web design team deserves to be lauded for a job perfectly done. The design of the website is perfect, the given theme of the website works perfectly with the aura around the website which is fetish FemDom. It explains the world where women rule over male, making them their sex slaves and flog them just for their own pleasure. It also has this allure of a classic femme fatale theme of the classic black and white. I must say the web design of this premium porn site is simply ingenious as it is a job perfectly executed and an accomplished project. The awards are already rolling in, and the fan base will be keep increasing in numbers. There are downloadable video clips of the movies on Femme Fatale Films; this is unrestricted to both members and non-members. The streaming speed of FemmeFataleFilms is pretty fast as it the rendering is very impressive. With over 12,000 pictures in the website’s photo gallery, there is enough to excite the ladies as they watch their kind dominate the so-called dominant sex. The photos on the website are well arranged and laid out for ease of access, the website can be accessed from mobile devices with so much ease as it offers the same quality as a desktop or laptop would. The mobile version of the website is high responsive and can be accessed from all the various web browsers. Femme Fatale Films finds itself in a different niche than what the porn mainstream media is offering, the niche it finds itself is one the advocates for female dominance where females dominate the male in different forms of sexual activities as well as gestures and positions while they are on set. There are other players in this niche, but femmefatale is one of the leading players of this niche and it remains to be so for a long time, for there cannot be a stronger competitor to dethrone Femme Fatale Films in the foreseeable future.

Models & Vids

A majority of the girls are pornstars as in most of their bios, years of experience is notably visible in their description. An example of one of the girls, Lady Natalie Black who is blonde that enjoys dominant gruff perverse games with her counter-paths she loves anal play with the men and she is very beautiful and from the pictures from scenes she featured in, she loves to be in control. None of the ladies are amateurs, they are all experience unwanted feeling inflicting femdoms, with over 2000 videos of the top most HD quality, the names and other detailed information of some of the videos cannot be fully ascertained due to membership restriction, however the videos show the ladies dominating their male subject in ways that please the ladies who have authority The model areas are more covered as they have a lot of models on FemmeFataleFilms, also the profiles of the different films that display the scene and gruff activities between both sexes, this is well covered on the website.

Long Story Short

FemmeFataleFilms reveals what is not seen in the society today, as gender inequality looms around the world and the female sex is dominated by the society that is run by the male. It is nice to see the women taking charge and calling the shot in the bedroom and I am pleased to see several fellowship of the support from other women. It is a lovely initiative and I would love to be part of the website.

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