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The Cum Covered Blondes is another one of the great European cumshot XXX sites, which has a cute compilation of selected hardcore videos. On this sexy cumshot porn provider, you get access to a quite large selection of juicy scenes, which focus on facial cumshots.

Straight from the craziest German porn producers to your computer, the best chumshots and bukkake scenes are featured on the Cum Covered Blondes.

Design & Layout

In the event of you being a hardcore cum-fetishist, the cum-covered faces of the hot blonde porn stars of this site’s videos will make you jack-off that joker in your pants all over again. Your cock, balls and hands might feel sour, but there won’t be time to recover: as soon as you start playing the hardcore facial cumshot videos of the Cum Covered Blondes, you will have to do it again. This bukkake porn site originates from Germany, and though it’s far from the crazy bukkake of the Japanese, these Germans really know how to do some really heavy hardcore porn. The videos bear the mark of John Thompson, a totally mad porn director, who seems to have either a fixation for cum, or for the base idea of bukkake (one girl, dozens of guys, all loading off onto her face). The videos of the Cum Covered Blondes are from the exclusive kind, however, you might find them shared on other sites of the network.

But, as a basic rule, they belong to the company, and only a fraction of them are available on DVD, usually coming from the GermanGooGirls series of John Thompson. The Cum Covered Blondes has a nice selection, and the bonuses make it even better! Currently, the number of available videos is near the 300 mark, and every update comes solo, without a photo gallery. You have the chance to watch the scenes in the embedded flash player, with a maximum resolution of 480p, this is the max resolution for those scenes too which are in HD or Full-HD. To grab the scenes in their full potential, you have to download them. That way, you can manage to get 720p or even 1080p videos in MP4 or WMV format. As we noticed, the older flicks are shorter, while the new ones are full scenes (they are probably web-exclusive too) and are much longer, often going on for an hour or more. There are no download limitations, so you can save everything at any time and at any pace.

The Cum Covered Blondes grant you access to a huge collection of porn videos overall, especially because it has a large network behind. We don’t know if that network has a name, we couldn’t locate any reference, we believe it’s a subject to changes. Well, what you get on the additional sites is also really hot: there are anal-focused videos, orgies, golden showers, and a lot more cum-fetish porn from Germany. Actually, the GermanGooGirls is included, so you should get ready for a juicy ride!

The simple, but not too well-organized members’ zone will serve its purpose nicely. Browsing through the content won’t be a fuss, and this goes for both the site’s and the network’s content. Although the collection is in the medium-size range, the available simple browsing tools will prove to be helpful. There are two main tools for you: a sorting option (rates, length, date, etc.), and a categories’ dropdown menu. Well, the content is all about good and sex, so there aren’t much categories, maybe online in regards to the network-wide collection. The videos come with some info and preview pictures, but you don’t have to worry: the descriptions are really short. What we couldn’t locate were the models’ index and the comment options, instead of these, you can add scene to a favorites library, and read the thorough descriptions of the bonus sites.

Models & Vids

The hot cunts in the crazy jizz-fest videos of the Cum Covered Blondes are all crazy, and truly sexy. These girls will certainly satisfy your imagination, and as you embark on the glorious path to heavy hardcore porn, you will see them as beautiful as they are. The porn stars in these videos are all blondes, although in a few scenes, they aren’t. Well, they had so much cum on their face, we don’t really care about their hair color. We believe that these girls are, or were pornstars of Germany.

Some of them are newbies, who tried to get to heavy things to gain fame, while others are over the peak of their career, and the well-paying fetish porn had proven to be the best choice for them. These flicks are not amateur shots: the camera handling and the action are both on professional level. You will see close shots of the girls faces, and every cumshot is captured from up close, so you can see that those are no fake. When you open the hardcore videos of the site, you are going to be dropped into the middle of the action, so you don’t have to wait for the action to stir up, so sucking, handling and being fucked is what you will see.

Long Story Short

It’s quite certain that you will love the things these naughty girls do. Their endeavors to please and to have that mystical elixir all over their faces deserve attention, and the ways they fulfill their destiny is captivating. You will have access to a significant hardcore porn collection, and though the update schedule is a bit inconsistent, there are newer, better and longer videos added once in a while. You can watch older scenes too, with a bit lower resolution, but with the same crazy hardcore, kinky niches covered. Those who like cum-covered girls and hardcore porn, have to check out this crazy European porn site!

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