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Sophisticated Flashers is a unique website that features the women of all ages, flashing their beautiful bodies and underwear in public places. The site reveals the naughty side of society’s very own sophisticated and high-class women, who enjoy the glamour of elegant clothes and sexy underwear’s; but are seen revealing their beautiful bodies in public places, in their cars and busy car parks. The beautiful models whose age ranges from 21 – 49 are all seen in different scenes, use varying backgrounds; some in their cars masturbating with sex toys, others in the comfort of their homes in their beautiful dresses, posing for the camera. Although some of the pictures and video footages, look like they were shot by amateur cameras, but overall the materials on the website are 98% original content. The quality of the site is top-notch as it features crystal clear images of the beautiful models as they strip for the camera, there is no unnecessary ads and content are well organized in the appropriate manner. With high video definition videos and pictures, the site looks really good and in a league of its own. Members of the website have an exclusive section where they have content curated specifically for them, here they have access to full video clips of the different models as they reveal their goodies, and they also have an enormous photo gallery of pictures at their disposal. There are other sites where they can access materials that are of similar content to sophiscatedflashe. The site is updated weekly, which is quite an impressive update rate for any website. There are no awards listed on the site that represent heir accomplishment in their industry; however that is likely to change in the foreseeable future. Sophisticated Flasher is in the right niche and has the right content design and the interface to be won several awards and other honorary accomplishments.

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Design & Layout

The user interface is pretty unique as it offers something novel to how porn content is arranged on the web. Every model has a preview page, and also, they have a membership page. This is pretty ingenious as that is a great way to manage content. The user-interface has the right technical support to aid this unique feature, the website loads very fast and the whole layout of the site is very impressive. So the ultimate user-experience is when a user logs onto the site, it loads faster, he user checks out all the content on the site with little or no delay in the downtime as pages load, and at the end, of the end he is satisfied with the experience. The site has both desktop and mobile responsive, and it display perfectly across all the browsers. I like the idea behind the design of the website as it is very simple and basic in its entirety. The design features a simple layout which is on a grey background, the beauty of this is because, and it optimizes the functionality of the site i.e. the speed of loading the various pages of the site as well as the streaming speed. The website has a nice a design which shows a strong and rare taste of vigor the site portrays. There are downloadable videos on the preview pages of most of the models, the videos are usually short, within 1 to 2 minutes which is essentially a preview of the video footage. There is usually a longer version of the video which showcases the full length of the video with its contents. The streaming speed is pretty fast, part of the reason might be the due to how light the site is, this makes the content of the site load or stream faster. The photo galleries have a bank of pictures from several years of updates and archival, the photo gallery has been built from the ground up. The site doesn’t have a search option, and part of the reasons been due to the simplicity of the website and the landing page has a lot of information and content to entertain the visitor, as there is a lot of content to keep visitors glued to their monitors. The mobile and tablet version of the website is superfast and it loads with lightning speed. The mobile version which is accessible on both mobile phones and tablet devices offers a lot of information that is obtainable on the desktop and laptop versions. The niche is not really popular compared with other porn genres, but it is getting pretty known in the cyberspace, other major websites that command a vast network of the different pornography genres, offer similar content amongst their network coverage. And other websites have in the same industry that offers ladies as they expose little parts of their bodies for the eyes of the cameras to see.

Models & Vids

A good majority of the girls are models their age ranges between 21 – 49, what they all have in common is that they are all very pretty women despite their age. An example of the one of the ladies is Holly who is seen masturbating in her car, she seem like a good model and it looks like she is really having fun by herself. There are about 15 models together, all having several videos of them doing different sexy things, these videos are of quality and they are shot in the open as well as other natural settings such as; parks, street, neighborhood and other locations. All categories are well cover; both the videos and pictures are very detailed and elaborately covered across the various pages of the website.

Long Story Short

The site is a pretty nice place to be as it offers a novel content that is rare to find on the internet, the site is really nice but I will personally recommend a little tweaking in the design and layout of the site. But the content and industry is good and the quality of the site is top notch. I will join the site because it is something that is new and novel.

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