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Over the years, I have been on a considerable number of live webcam chat sites. As such I believe I am in a very good position to give my opinion on any one of these sites. As a guy who prefers watching live models instead of models in porn videos, I have seen a lot in my time on this site to be able to make a justifiable conclusion on what makes for a good or bad site. For some time now, I have been on this site nextdoorchat for a while now checking out the models and assessing the viability of the site. I have been on a few chat sessions some of them paid and others free. So far I dare say that I am happy with what I have been getting. This means that you can be able to chat comfortably with a model who speaks the same language as you. At least, this is something as when it comes to chatting language is key and you have to be able to communicate to get the best from the chat session. The site allows a lot of preview of what is on offer without requiring any signup. However, when it comes to the webcam sessions, there may be requirements for sign up if you want to actively participate in these sessions. The site offers users the chance to choose between two types of live webcam shows. There is the Party Show and the Gold Show. The Party Show is for those who mind being in the same chat room with other people don’t while they are having a chat with the model. That is why it is called Party Show; because there is a party of people in the chat room all watching and chatting with the mode. If you are already signed into the site, you will be able to send text chats during such sessions. However, if you have not yet signed up, you will be able to watch the webcam live feeds but you will not be able to take part in the texting. If however you choose to go for the Gold Show, then you like other users will have to offer tips to the model to help them reach their gold credit. This is because, in the Gold Show, the model has a targeted gold credit to attain before they can start the show. The only way they can get their gold credits is if users offer them tips. Immediately they reach their targeted gold credit, the show can begin. To participate in the Gold Show, a user is required to pay a minimum fee. Another option that is available to users is private chat. In private chats, a user can go on one on one session with a model of their choice.

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Design & Layout

Nextdoorchat is designed in a way that the main content area carries information on models. The models are arranged in pages so a user can click through the pages to view the models. They can use the box at the right-hand corner of the page to jump pages. At the top of the homepage is the main menu which includes a tab for new models. This is where a user on the site will click if they needed to see those new models that have recently joined the site. In checking out the models, you can click on a model’s picture to get to their page. On the model’s page, you will find information on the model’s physical features as well as their schedule. You can also know if the model is online or not. You can also choose to browse the models that are online at any one time. The site has a lot of added functionality that makes for easy navigation. The search and advanced search functions that are included on the site. You can use the search box to search for a model. However, this will be a general search that will come up with all types of information concerning the model. On the advanced search, you can make the search more specific. You can search for models based on their specific features and attributes.

Models & Vids

Most of the models on this site are male with some being gay and others bisexual. The models are from different regions of the world but they have one thing in common; they are happy to entertain users over webcam. Some will entertain those in their chat room with a solo performance like masturbation; others may indulge their chat room users and have discussions on just about anything with them. They will talk dirty and act naughty just to help you fulfill some of your fantasies. These guys will even strip for you if that is what you want. As for the webcams, they are arranged in categories some of which are; straight, mature, twink and latino. At any one time, it is possible to know the number of models that are online in a chat category. This is because this number appears beside the category on the homepage. Users can choose to watch the webcams in high definition format or in high-quality format. It is also possible to watch using a phone version. There is also the possibility of using audio and the phone.

Long Story Short

When you reach nextdoorchat, you will wonder how they managed to get these many male models to model for the site. If you are interested in working on the site, you can send your intention to the site administration. Meanwhile, there is a lot of fun to be had on the site and you can start by choosing a model of interest to chat with.

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