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We all love porn and watch videos of professional models acting out well scripted scenes. However, if most of us could afford it, we would prefer to watch real people making out. It is more thrilling to know that what you are watching is not a movie but some real love session that ended up one way or another on camera. That is how the search for homemade videos has increased over the years. More people are interested in finding videos that were made by friends or lovers kissing and fucking. While there are such homemade videos sites for hardcore fucking, there are not many of these sites when it comes to soft core. However, when they do exist they are definitely worth your time and effort. One site that has been bringing those who love lesbian porn homemade porn content is lollesbians. What if you walked in one day on your group of friends and found they were making out on the couch; with some licking pussy and others sucking boobs? What will you do? Will you scream out in horror or will you bring out your camera and immortalize the sinfully erotic sight on camera? We do hope you do the later as you could be sending it to lollesbians for some much needed cash. That is what these girls at lollessbians do. They film each other while they are getting coed with each other. They film themselves in their hostel rooms as they get all playful and start touching each other in ways that their mama told them they should never do. Yet, here they are all getting naughty, taking off their clothes and showing off their boobs and pussies shamelessly to the camera. They want you to see that they are dirty little sluts who love to insert things into their pussy and possibly up their ass. They will get their friends to wear strap-ons and then do them well from behind. While they may be getting paid for sending their videos to the site, you will be getting entertained by their hot and sexy actions caught on tape. You will find these girls in solo action with their legs spread wide and open for the camera to take it all in. They will play with their boobs and gently move doesn’t their belly to their pussy where they do not hesitate to insert their fingers. Those that are in lesbian poses will lick each other all over before concentrating on the hot core between their legs. Then sometimes it s a sex party with more than three girls taking part! All of these they do in their institute hostels right under the noses of the house matrons.

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Design & Layout

Nobody has time to wait when they come to a porn site so lolesbian is designed in a way that as you get to the homepage, you are greeted with enough pussies to help you make your mind on whether you want to stay or leave. Once you register as a member you will be taken to the member area where he web features are better. On the welcome page of the members section, you will find links to the most popular videos, the latest site updates and the most viewed videos. That means you may not have to go around looking for a video to watch. You can choose from the gallery of videos on the homepage. The main menu at the top of the page gives you access to videos, photos and archives pages. Sorting videos on the video page is made easy by the presence of video categories. All videos on the site have been placed under categories so if you have category that you are interested in, you can click on the category and all the videos under that category will be displayed. Popular categories include cumshots, facials and blowjobs. If you will like a specific model and content, you can use the advanced search features to help you with that. This site belongs to a network so when you register with it, you get a megapass to 19 other sites. Other sites that members will have access to include, mybbwgf, gfhardcore and interracialgfvideos.

Models & Vids

These girls are crazy and they love to party. They are sweet cute girls with a love for life and freedom. They love to embrace their sexuality and are not afraid to do so in front of their friends and the camera. They are happy to race around in their birthday suits licking pussy and fingering ass. They only get super excited when they know the camera is flashing and you will be watching. They are all amateurs with a penchant for lesbian sex. They are ready to experiment with themselves and with their friends. The videos scenes are original and very well thought of for amateurs who have no video director to guide them. in one scene, about six girls pile up one on top of another and a seventh girls is make to lick all the six piled up pussies. You will find the videos on this site with a summary of what goes on in the videos. Most of the videos run for an average of 20 minutes. They are available as full length video in mp4 for download and flash for streaming. Both the mp4 and the flash formats have low and high quality versions. While these videos are not high definition, they are still very high quality. The site also has photosets with each containing an average of 50 pictures.

Long Story Short

Lollesbian is definitely a site to check out when you want to watch some homemade lesbian porn. While the videos are made by amateurs, they are still of good quality to make you watch them. You have to register to get the megapass word to the Mad Porn Network to which this site belongs.

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