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Weekends can be boring especially if you are home alone. Then again with everybody gone, you can have some of your guilty pleasures. You can turn on your laptop and navigate to your favorite porn site. But what about doing something different this weekend? Instead of watching a porn movie, why not get porn delivered to you live by one of these online live webcam chat hosts. If you have never done it before give it a try this weekend, you will be surprised at how good it is. If you manage to find a good host, you may never want to watch porn videos again. To be able to find a good host, you need to be on a reputable site. There are many scam sites out there so as you check out the different ones be alert and try to stay away from sites that look suspect. To help you out we decided to bring you a review of one of the most popular live webcam site out there. This is the website: Imlive. At any one time on the site, there are thousands of hosts available online. You who are interested in having a chat session will have to sign up to the site using your email address to access the site and start chatting. The site has a lot of tools to facilitate moving around. Even if you are new to the site you should be able to find your way around very quickly. As you browse through the site, you will be able to learn a lot of what happens on the site and how the chat sessions are carried out. Once you are ready to get into the real business, you will need to get credits to access certain sections of the site. An important point to note on this site is that when signing up, you should take the time to understand the category under which you are registering and the rights and responsibilities of those under that category. This is because many times, people register on chat sites and get disappointed. Most times they are quick to blame the site for not being able to deliver as promised. However, they fail to see that the main problem was the fact that they chose a wrong category and expected to be treated like users in another category. For example, if you will need to have sex chats and possible online fuck, you have to choose a category that allows that on the site. This is because there are categories that do not allow this type of chatting. An example is the no nude friend and romance section on Imlive. If you register on this category, you should not expect to get the hosts to strip for you and show you any skin. It is strictly prohibited on this category.

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Design & Layout

The design of the website is one thing that most users will love about the site. There are enough tools and features to make browsing fun. Even if this is your first time on the site, you will be able to find your way around without any hitches. They have the right tabs and links in place to take users where they want to go to. There are three main tabs on the site that users will find very useful. These are: live cam, host arena and top-rated host. Most people come to the site because they are looking for a host to help take care of some need that they have. You will find the hosts that are online by clicking on the live cam tab. Here you can use the drop down box on the top right-hand corner to check out the different hosts that are online under the different categories. Still in live came, you can check what the host are doing during the day by checking their mobile cam. You also get the chance to peek into multiple chat rooms using the multiviewer. In host arena, you can view past top live cams, host video series and monthly video contest. In top rated hosts, you can find tabs like a hall of fame, most attentive and top gamers.

Models & Vids

As earlier mentioned, this site features some 80,000 hosts working from the comfort of their home to provide needed pleasure to their online clients. Given the fact that they are coming from different places, you can also expect them to be different in appearance and in attitude. You will find every ethnicity possible; from blacks, to Asian to Caucasian. They are all found on this site. One thing common to all the girls is their willingness to do their client’s bidding. It is important to know that for most of these girls, they do this as a job so they make an effort to look their best. You will definitely not be disappointed with their presentation. There is always a model online ready to strip for you, use a dildo on her pussy for you, spread her legs for you, finger fuck her pussy for you as long as you are in the right chat room. If you are not interested in seeing boobs and pussies, you can still choose to have a friendly chat with any of the hosts. On the site, you can find videos of past live cams and as a member you have a right to view these videos. You can also view the videos made by the host that have been archived. The quality of the videos is quite good and will encourage you to stay on more on the site.

Long Story Short

Now that you know about imlive, your weekend should never again be boring. Now you know you can talk to someone online without any strings attached. All that you need is an internet connection and your registration on the site.

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