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Whoever said that you had to watch a porn movie with humans fucking like rabbits to be turned on? While action porn is the order of the day and something that most people are used to, there is also comic porn that may not be really new but that is still to break its ground. Nevertheless, these sites are growing in leaps and bounds and gradually they are becoming a favorite among some porn favorites. There are many people who prefer to read stories and then make up their own actions in their head. Someway somehow, they still manage to get sexual satisfaction. For such people, reading a story that includes detailed illustrations of sex scenes does a lot to add to their entertainment. That is how a site like enchantae has garnered a huge following over the years.

In Enchantae, the inhabitants have sexual fantasies and their goddess through her priestess work to ensure the fantasies of these people are attained. Actually most of us will be happy to live in enchantae. Life is free and you can have sex just about anywhere without having a care. In enchantae you have a priestess who can help you live your sexual fantasies. Enchantae is a story that is released in episodes. Presently there are up to 114 episodes. As a member on the site, you get access to all these episodes and a lot more. You can read the stories online or you can download them to your computer.

The episodes are also grouped in volumes and as of now, there are three volumes to the story. You can log on to the enchantae website to take a tour and then click on the join tab to become a member. Once you become a member, you will gain access to some of the best comic porn that you could ever have imagined. There may be no human bodies fucking but the story line and the use of illustration will be enough to tickle your passion.

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Design & Layout

Since enchantae is a land in the clouds, the website design is made to reflect the clouds. The site uses a skyblue and white theme that runs across the whole site. Once you enter the site, you get this feeling of actually being in the cloud. The main menu is arranged in the left-hand corner of the home page in vertical order. The tabs include story, characters, episodes, volume one, news, members, commissions, downloads. The story tab takes you to a page where you can read a summary of the story line. On the characters pages, you get to meet the different characters that appear in the story.

On the episode page, you will find the different episodes of the story arranged in volumes. Note that as a visitor you only get to see a picture of the episode. However, these pictures are justpictures and not links. If you click on the volume 1 tab, you will be taken to a page where you will be prompted to by volume of the story which includes episodes 1 to 35 in 455 pages. This is in a pdf format that can be downloaded. The free tour tab allows a visitor to have a quick look at some of the scenes from the story. Then you can click on the commission page that lets you order and illustration from one of you favorites scenes. The website is fully user-friendly as it allows for easy navigation. It is well organized such that it is easy to find whatever you want. If you want ideas on other porn sites, you can click on the link page for more information.

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Models & Vids

There are eight main characters in this story and these are, Nerita, Peka, Manis, Chloe, Jator, Szardust, Imp and troll. Peka is the right hand of Nerita and she knows everything that is happening at the temple and even helps with some of the rites. Nerita is the Priestess of Anoa who has the privilege of carrying out the goddess’s orders. According to the laws of her church, she is not supposed to have any relationships with people who are not in her church. Nevertheless, she manages to keep a secret relationship with Jator the chief security Guard at the palace. Jator on the other had is every woman’s dream but he is so much in love with Nerita. Meanwhile he is also having an affair with the queen Chloe.

Queen Chloe is very idle so she has to find some favorite pastime that she loves. What other way to keep busy than to be in the arms of her lover Jator while her husband the King is looking the other way. The King, Mannis is not interested in the affairs of the state, so has handed over everything to Sazrdust the palace magician. The king keeps busy with his imps. Szardust, on the other hand, is so in love with the queen and has sworn to take over the kingdom as well as the beautiful queen. The imps and the trolls are slaves brought from other lands. They do not only do the hard work, they also satisfy the sexual desires of their masters. The story uses a lot of vivid illustrations that leaves nothing to the imagination. As you read through the different episodes, it will be hard to get your dick to stay calm.

Long Story Short

Enchantae is the land of freedom and you can enjoy some of this freedom by reading the story and following up as it unfolds. As the story uses some very good illustrations, it leaves you no room to imagine anything else other than the huge dicks and hungry pussies of the inhabitants of enchantae as they go about satisfying their sexual urges.

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